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Did you know, that most of the Hollywood titles are actually filmed outside of the U.S.? The
famous Hollywood movies we see are usually filmed in the Europe. Film production has been a fast
growing sector in Kainuu area, too. Kajawood has the vision of becoming one of the most
significant movie production centres in the Northern Europe with scenery, sustainability and safety
as key features.

Kajawood Studio village offers an internationally unique set of top quality production services,
facilities and know-how from concept to production to distribution. Kajawood attracts
international productions with unique landscapes, four seasons, security, technical capability and
effective operating environment. In a world of uncertainty, Kajawood offers much needed stability.

Vuokatti is already a buzzling travel destination with adjacent services supporting movie
productions. Kajawood’s versatile, energy efficienct and ecological studio village with the newest
virtual LED tscreen echnology will serve international film productions for such companies as
Netflix, Disney and others with whatever needs they have to shoot their films in the Kainuu area.

Working and visiting Kajawood Studios is from start to finish a five star experience.

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Kajawood Studios Eco System

Kajawood Studios eco systems includes three studios with latest LED screen technology, soundstages, light equipments, vfx-, edit- and dubbing rooms, restaurant and catering facilities, offices, conference and meeting rooms, set department, workshops, make-up and costume department. There is also an area for outdoor movie set village. Staff facilities include personal luxury log houses with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge and sauna which are located only 300 meters from the studio buildings.

Surrounding nature offers diverse filming locations including four seasons, snow, water falls, rivers, lakes, forests as well as town and city environments. There is also access to airport and train station. One of the most powerful super computers is located near-by. Local University of Applied Sciences offers student resources and support for VFX work.



The need for Kajawood Studios has been ensured with signed contracts that will bring Hollywood film productions to Kainuu. One of key stakeholders is VFX producer Steve Griffith (over 60 titles, such as several Marvel films, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Men in Black, etc.). He will bring his Star Wars: Mandalorian team to build Kajawood studios LED techonology solutions. Currently there are only handful of LED studios in the world and demand is enormous for those. Netflix alone will keep Kajawood studios busy for the years to come.

Films and TV series have been actively produced in Kainuu area last for the two decades. Last three years alone have been golden times for the region. For example, titles such as Rendel movies (highest production budget for an indie movie in Finland to date), Unknown soldier (highest production budget for a movie in Finland to date), Temptation Island: Finland, Cold Courage (highest production budget for a TV serie in Finland to date) have been filmed in the area.

Work done by producers Miika J. Norvanto and Timo Puustinen to build a unique studio ecosystem in Kainuu region has enabled such impressive productions. Traditionally production companies have wasted a lot of time and money on logistics, staff facilities and lodging by having to separate studios from facilities. Kajawood offers One Stop Solution where highly equipped studios serve productions needs and high-end facilities staff needs. This work continues with building a new studio area that enables latest LED screen technology and also personal luxury accommodation for staff in the same area. These are not typical movie caravans but solidly built
log houses with latest facilities. This ensures clean and healthy working and relaxation environment.


Virtual Production (VP) is an area of digital cinema workflow that allows
for the creation of real-time, reactive backgrounds that perfectly syncs
with the camera for a seamless and fully immersive filming experience.
Using LED videowalls to create virtual sets, that replace traditional
green-screens, is revolutionizing film-making. Expensive location shoots,
which can also be health hazards and difficult with travel restrictions due
to COVID-19, can now be captured with the perfect light conditions and
then replicated back in the studio in a safe and controlled environment.
VFX companies can create new worlds that actors and see and react to in
real-time, previously not possible with green-screen. Directors can now
see these environments through the camera lens immediately and work
to make adjustments on set, rather than in post production significantly
reducing costs.


It’s how many productions / projects (episodic, tv, film, advertising, etc.) will get back intoproduction (due to Covid concerns), because it does not require travel, can be done at one location, can be highly controlled with testing, and requires less total crew than location based productions.


It can save 25-50%+ of traditional, location-based production costs (traveling to multiple locations, outdoors / indoors), due to shorter schedule (no traveling, weather delays, sound pollution, or permit issues); less grip & electric as well as smaller crews


Directors can completely control their environment (i.e. have 5 hour sunsets, move the sun position, add clouds, etc), cover multiple locations in a single day, use restricted or “impossible” locations.


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The professional team behind the KAJAWOOD Studios:

Miika J. Norvanto

Managing Director

Timo Puustinen

Deputy Managing Director

Trevor Doyle

Head of Global Operations



Ari Björn


Juho Lipponen


Janne Ohtonen



Line Producer

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