Kajawood Studios will have all the necessary services and luxury accommodation immediately in the vicinity of the Studio, high-quality accommodation for over 350 people with restaurant services. A five-star hotel right next to Studio adds unique value to production companies as such service is not available anywhere else in the world.

We have lodging services available for all tastes from shared accommodation for crew all the way to 5-star luxury accommodation for Hollywood-level stars. Our key people are the top people from the hotel and film industry and will ensure the high-quality concierge services and the expertise of managing with the A-list stars.

We aim for ecological and sustainable facilities and infrastructure that will serve all our guests in best conceivable way. We also work in close collaboration with all the other accommodation service providers in the area to be able to scale and cater all needs. 
Here are examples of types of accommodation available at Kajawood Studios and in the local area:

• 5-star luxury hotel (coming in 2025)
• 4-star luxury hotels in the area
• Standard hotels (2-3 stars)
• Luxury villas and cabins
• Villas and private houses
• Shared accommodation
Ⓒ Hotel Aateli