Logistics are often a nightmare, right? Thus, we have wanted to minimize the need for moving around. Kajawood Studios has been designed and built with production efficiency in mind. Therefore, we have everything that you need on-site. 
However, now and then, you will need to get to places, for example, for location filming. That is where our extensive logistical services come into play. We can offer vehicles, airplanes, boats, and whatever is needed together with our partners. 
We have the closest airport twenty miles away (32 km) and several other airports within 100 miles (170km) of the studios that can be used for air freight. The closest seaport is also about one hundred miles away. Studios are easily accessible with vehicles. We have on-site helicopter landing pads. A lake is only a few miles away with access to vast water scenery. 
Moving around locally is accessible not only with vehicles but also with bicycles, scooters, and even by cross-country skiing. And if you can’t be bothered, feel free to use our taxi service to get where you need to be.

Quick Guide for travelling around FINLAND


Finland railway connects over 200 Finnish train stations and five in Russia. The most common routes are departing from Helsinki.

Finnish trains are spacious, clean and safe. The modern rail network stretches all over the country from Helsinki to Kolari in Lapland. All the trains are operated by VR.

Trains are well-maintained. In addition, you may enjoy beautiful sceneries while travelling by train. Car carriers are also available.

You can choose from several VR train types including Pendolino, InterCity and the two trains connecting Finland with Russia - Tolstoi and Allegro.


The main gateway to Finland is Helsinki-Vantaa international airport with more than 130 direct connections.

Besides Helsinki, there are other national airports, such as Kajaani, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Kuopio and Rovaniemi. Check the options for your point of departure.

The airport in the city of Kajaani is the nearest one, it's situated 40 km away from Vuokatti.

Finland's national carries is Finnair which flies direct from several countries including UK and USA. Other airlines operating flights to Finland include British Airways and Norwegian.


Helsinki has boat connections with Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia.

You can also arrive by boat via Vaasa (from Umeå, Sweden), Turku (from Stockholm, Sweden) and Hanko (from Nynäshamn, Sweden).

Addition to boat, you can use a ferry port at Hanko, Helsinki, Turku, Vuosaari, Naantali or Vaasa.

The fastest ferry crossing to Finland is via the Tallinn to Helsinki route, with a crossing time of approximately 2h.

Some of the major cities, airports, sea ports and rain stations of Finland.