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VFX supervising • VFX effects • Rendering

VFX Services And Ecological High-Performance Rendering

For movies, TV series, Animations and Games

The efficient cloud-based rendering farms we provide with our technology partners are suitable for any rendering needs, such as 3D modeling, VFX processing, animation, and others. And not just filmmakers but also game studios benefit from our processing capabilities.

CO2 compensated rendering power

Zero waste from cooling data centers - heat is reused to warm properties and stored in geothermal wells (the outside temperature can drop to near -40 Celsius during winter).

Simple and cost-effective pricing modeL

Pricing is based on how much you use with minimal OPEX investment. Our pricing can include software licenses, too. No CAPEX investment is required!

FINLAND is one of the safest locations in the world to create

A safe and geopolitically stable area of the Kainuu region is the perfect choice for your rendering needs. Major natural disasters such as tornados, typhoons, and earthquakes are non-existent.

Benefits of working with us

Personal and relevant service from Kajawood Studios and its technology partners directly to you - No more faceless global corporations!

Deep understanding of your industry and business - We are film makers who love technology!

Unique production partnership available - We can help you with much more than just ecological rendering power!

Let's discuss further

Contact our experts, who will gladly tell you more about our rendering services and the technical specifications.

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