Kajawood Studios, located in Sotkamo, Finland, offers high-end facilities for your creative needs in one private bubble studio destination. The entire studio area can also be restricted to unauthorized visitors, as the whole Kajawood area is in our control. Production companies have access to our protected extranet where you can find safety instructions, local maps and other useful information.
A five-star luxury hotel opposite the modern Studio adds unique value to production companies as there is time saved and risk reduced from commuting.


Height: 14 meters (46 feet)
Space: 2080 sqm (22380 sqft)


Height: 10 meters (32 feet)
Space: 256 sqm (2755 sqft)


Height: 8 meters (26 feet)
Space: 420 sqm (4520 sqft)


Height: 6 meters (19 feet)
Space: 1800 sqm (9375 sqft)

All the necessary services within 100 yards: high-quality accommodation, restaurant services, production control, construction facilities, and set and repair shops. 

• Studio village with  studios of sizes 22 380 sqft / 2080 sqm, 4 520 sqft / 256 sqm, 2 755 sqft / 420 sqm

• The largest studio is 46 feet / 14 meters high with a free height of 39 feet / 12 meters

• 26 900 sqft / 2500 sqm of office spaces, editing rooms, VFX departments, make-up department, restaurants, and catering services

• Numerous adjacent offices, dressing rooms, workshops, storage spaces

• Luxury hotel opposite the studio

• A wild forest is available within the studio area, and freshwater lakes close-by


Over 26 900 sqft of office spaces. From basic furnished offices to fully equipped facilities.


Function rooms include ie. make-up & hair department and dressing rooms


Spacious storage rooms


Luxury hotel opposite the Studio

Kajawood Studios facilities

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Your safety is important to us

Kajawood is a Bubble Studio Destination built with health and safety in mind at all levels of our operations. We can provide you with uninterrupted production services regardless of what is happening worldwide.

Geopolitical safety

Kajawood is located purposefully in Sotkamo, Finland, as it is one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world regarding geopolitics. Therefore, many global corporations have set up their particular technologies for our region, including the LUMI supercomputer and Google data centers.

Finland is recognized as the most stable country on the planet in the Fragile States Index, and it is second in the Global Gender Gap Report and the second least corrupted country in the world. Yet more, Finland stands at the top of its class regarding national performance, including education, economic competitiveness, civil liberties, quality of life, and human development.

Thus, Kajawood Studios can offer you and your productions one of the best places in the world from a geopolitical safety perspective.

Operational safety

While Finland is very safe as a country, we also take pride in ensuring your operational safety within the studio premises. This includes utilizing technology that reduces risk and improves operating conditions. We have various energy sources, backup generators, and options for increasing operational readiness with monitoring and response units, to mention a few. We use modern electronic surveillance for your benefit. We can also provide personal security as required (though it is usually unnecessary in Finland).

Kajawood Studios has been designed and purpose-built for significant media productions. Therefore, we have high-quality accommodation on-site suitable for Hollywood stars to staff. This significantly reduces the risk from commuting, traffic, and other issues other studios suffer in their respective locations.

Health and safety of staff and visitors

We care about everyone working on our premises, so we have set up both extranet and intranet for staff and visitors. These portals provide detailed information about the local area, security practices, etc.

We also train our staff on Emergency First Response and physical and digital security practices. Finland is known for its high-quality health care.

Welcome to Kajawood Studios; you are in safe hands with us!