Find impressive filming locations for online content, commercials, films, TV & music videos! White snow and northern lights. Bright summers with 24 hours of sunshine. 


Vuokatti resides in Sotkamo which is a developing and active municipality in Northern Finland, located in the southern part of the Kainuu Region.

The neighbours are the town of Kajaani in the west, the municipalities of Paltamo and Ristijärvi in the north, the town of Kuhmo in the east, and the town of Nurmes and the municipalities of Rautavaara and Sonkajärvi in the south. 

Larger cities near-by are Oulu and Kuopio. They are only 200 km (124 miles) away. 

No matter what season, Kajawood Studios offers stunning filming locations, high-quality inclusive accommodation, and the newest technology and know-how to ensure that we exceed all your expectations. 

Vuokatti Map - Kajawood location


Winter lasts usually from late November to early April in Kainuu region. Snow cover gathers to a maximum depth of around 60 centimeters. Temperatures are difficult to predict precisely and vary between high and low ground. Temperatures are usually coldest in January and February, dropping to -20 or even -30.

If permanent snow cover is critical for your visit, whether you’re checking out potential locations or planning a shoot, you can refer to us for more information.

Finland has also a polar night when the sun does not come over the horizon during the winter. If you are lucky, the northern lights will treat you with their color show in the sky. These spectacular wilderness locations might be hard to access, but snowmobiles are available to traverse the most challenging landscapes.

Location shooting at nearby exotic surroundings is ensured with spectacular frosty trees, and magical snowy sceneries in winter.


The studio location has untouched green forest landscapes, crystal blue lakes, unique rock walls, and fells. It can be a lot warmer than you expect: temperatures around 30°C are not rare these days.

Summertime in Kainuu starts usually in late May and wrap up in the end of August. There’s no specific rainy season during summer, but occasionally thunderstorms darken the sky especially after the hot season.

Finland is known for the enchanting midnight sun, a natural phenomenon when the sun does not set during midsummer when the Midnight Sun coats the unending landscapes with warmth.

Trees grow a thick coat of leaves, filling all the gaps in the forests. Birds of every sort size and color return from their voyage and wildflowers blossom in the rolling fields, and insects begin their rounds. 


Finland has over 200 000 freshwater lakes with tasty fish available. There are also over 50 000 spring water ponds. These ensure exotic filming locations and a wide range of spare time activities from ice fishing to exciting water sports.

Kainuu region is a holiday paradise full of blue and clean lakes which are perfect for picturesque summer waters.


Kajawood is located purposefully in Sotkamo, Finland, as it is one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world regarding geopolitics. Therefore, many global corporations have set up their particular technologies for our region, including the LUMI supercomputer and Google data centers.