Recent Projects

Kajawood Studios serves the project needs of various significant studios and production companies. We have various film and TV series in progress. The latest projects include for example the following feature films and TV series:

Karl Motion Picture
Pressure Seekers Miniseries
The Creeps
Christmas Joy To Ukraine

Kajawood Studios will be the home of the ‘KARL’ project for all pre/post production as well as indoor sets. The first international feature film of a sort to be made in Kajawood Studios.

Miniseries will take place in ‘off the track’ locations and will allow viewers to discover less or unknown natural wonders. Each episode will be set in a different country.

The Creeps tell the story of two American youngsters who prepare for the celebration at Monsterfest, an event in a skiing center. However, the party is interrupted when a group of small critters takes over the place.

Christmas Joy To Ukraine is about an aid trip to Eastern Ukraine to bring Christmas presents to children in a crisis area.