Environmental Policy

Kajawood Studios is committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points. We will encourage any production, our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to do the same.

We follow all the sustainability regulations and do our best to follow the environmental recommendations from the Finnish government, EU, APFI, or Albert International. Our latest policies and guidelines for sustainability and environmental protection are available on our extranet website.  

The Kajawood Studios’ Environmental Policy promotes:

  • Climate protection 
  • Air protection
  • Noise control 
  • Protection of the sea and water bodies 
  • Nature and soil conservation 
  • Procurement, waste, and materials efficiency 
  • Environmental awareness and responsibility 
  • Environmental management and partnerships 

Our potential to make a difference includes, for example: 

  • Providing co2 compensated rendering services to filmmakers and animation/game companies. All server excess heat is reused to warm properties and stored in geothermal wells. 
  • Having all the necessary services, such as accommodation, catering, workshops, studios, offices, make-up department, etc., immediately in the vicinity of the studio (within 100 yards). 
  • Offering on-site rental that reduces co2 impact during production, travel, and storage. 
  • Cooperating with local companies and associates. 
  • Reusing and recycling any materials used in production.  
  • Utilizing energy from renewable sources such as wind, water, and solar.  
  • Utilizing environmentally friendly heating sources such as air-source heat pumps and geothermal wells.  
  • Taking environmental impact into consideration when designing and building our facilities.
  • Giving a new life to used clothes through our productions. 

Our actions include, for example: 

  1. Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements, and other contractual and industry regulations. 
  2. Providing training for all employees as appropriate to enable them to carry out their job functions in a manner that shows care for the environment.  
    – Offering sustainability training such as BAFTA Albert’s free training schemes. 
    – Informing employees and production companies of sustainable operations through our secure Intranet. 
  3.  Communicating openly and freely on environmental matters with government officials, employees, customers, and members of the public.
  4. Procuring green energy from companies selling renewable power, such as water, solar, and wind.
  5. Offering co2 compensated High-performance computing (HPC) services and client reporting, zero emissions from processing data, and server heat reused to warm studio properties. 
  6. Focusing on action to conserve resources and energy, minimize air, water, and land emissions, and increase recycling rates. 
  7.  Minimizing electricity consumption.  
    – All unnecessary appliances are to be switched off when not in use and always when the office and studio are closed.
    – Appliances include e.g. lighting, computers, monitors, and printers.
    – Reducing environmental impact on Productions.
    – Sourcing additional props and garments from secondhand resources.
    – Constructing purpose-built furniture and storage out of reclaimed materials whenever practicable. 
    – Studio set builds and construction work uses used timber and other materials whenever practicable. 
    – No need for long-distance shots due to our Virtual LED studio operations. 
  8. Using local and sustainable suppliers whenever possible. 
    – Putting sustainability questions to all suppliers before contracting and ensuring they can meet our environmental needs. 
    – Following best practices for sustainable production by procuring sustainable goods and services, including construction phases. 
    – Victuals for the Kitchen and Green Rooms are sourced from local responsible suppliers. 
  9. Disposing of any waste products in ways that show concern for the environment, using only registered carriers to dispose of waste, and recycling wherever possible.  
    – Operating a zero-to-landfill policy across all operations, offices, and productions.
    – We will retain and sort the following materials for recycling: Paper and cardboard, Batteries, Plastic bottles and containers, Aluminum Cans, Wood, Paint. Metals (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous), Fluorescent lamps, Light bulbs, Broken electrical appliances, Aerosols, Cabling
  10. Other actions: 
    – Reduce packaging. 
    – Conserving water. 
    – Offsetting the unavoidable elements of our carbon footprint (i.e. travel). 

Management Team 

Miika J. Norvanto (CEO), Timo Puustinen (COO) and Janne Ohtonen (CIO) will be responsible for monitoring Kajawood Studios’ progress and reviewing these aims. The next review date will be the 1st of June, 2023. 

The policy statement will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. The management team endorses these policy statements and is fully committed to their implementation. 

This Environmental Policy has been approved & authorized by: 

Name: Miika J. Norvanto
Position: CEO
Date: 17th of November 2022