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You will be collaborating closely with other team members on intriguing film and TV series productions. Read more below and apply today!

What you tell your friends you do:

“I create eye-catching films that help millions of people worldwide to enjoy their lives through visual entertainment!” 

What will you be doing:

- Design and create VFX animations, procedural simulations, dynamic simulations, particle and fluid systems
- Light and render VFX elements and produce composites to showcase ideas and concepts
- Assist in setting up or maintaining a library of effects presets which can be loaded and applied to multiple shots
- Work well within a team as well as independently
- Work well in an environment of peers who are passionate about making great pictures

How you will be doing this:

- Be part of an agile, multidisciplinary, and creative team and work closely with them to ensure the best results.
- Think creatively, be motivated by challenges, and constantly strive for the best.
- Work with cutting-edge technology, including software or hardware, to complete the job efficiently.
- Always keep learning and getting better at your craft!
- Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry best practices to maximize efficiency.
- Adhere to the visual, editorial, and technical standards developed by Kajawood Studios.

Skills and Requirements:

- Fluent English skills both written and verbal
- Strong artistic skills both digital and traditional
- A minimum of 2+ years VFX experience working on feature films, television series, commercials, ads, games or equivalent.
- Strong software knowledge: mid to senior level experience using for example Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter/Designer, Houdini, Blender, Z-Brush, PhotoShop, or similar software.
-A basic understanding of photography (depth of field, shutter speed, lighting, aperture, composition and framing) for VFX purposes.
- VFX coding skills are appreciated (e.g. Python, C++, scripts)

What we offer:

- We want everyone involved in our films to share our success; we are building something unique here that you can join! 
- Great work-life balance with flexible working hours
- Team building days - work hard, play hard!
- Latest work equipment and software 
- Interesting international film and TV series productions 
- A modern LED studio where filming takes place 
- Help with relocating to Sotkamo, Finland. 
- Excellent quality of life at Sotkamo 

Your team:

Our talented teams are our core signature at Kajawood Studios. We have a highly creative atmosphere where you will have the opportunity to contribute daily to feature films and TV series. You will work within an experienced, dynamic, and diverse company. 

Kajawood Studios is a leading studio village with its innovative, ecological and energy-efficient infrastructure. In addition to the studio lots, the buildings have high-quality accommodation for over 300 people, restaurant services, production management, construction facilities, and set and repair workshops. 

The real asset of the Studio is its location in Sotkamo, Finland. The living environment and a welcoming community offer filmmakers a wide range of services, accommodations, and collaboration opportunities. Sotkamo’s surroundings, bright summer season, changing four seasons, and snowy winter offers endless film and TV production possibilities. 

Sotkamo is blessed with four seasons, allowing productions to film all year round in naturally varying scenery. According to UNICEF, Finnish water and air in the region are the cleanest in the world. All our buildings are made from natural, sustainable materials of the highest quality. The leisure, accommodation, and restaurant services in the Sotkamo area are available all year round. 

The development of an energy-efficient modular and sustainable studio village will increase the dynamics of the entire Sotkamo region. 

Working and visiting Kajawood Studios is a five-star experience from start to finish! 

Join us and shape the future of film making!