Gain insights faster with high-performance computing services

Rent computational power when needed and get business and technical support, too.

Build Designs Faster

Iterate and fine-tune models faster to accelerate workloads like simulations.

Data Analysis

Process complex workloads, analyze massive data pipelines, and share results with collaborators worldwide.

Fast-track discovery

Increase the speed, accuracy, and scale of virtual screening, 3D structure solutions, and anything requiring high-performance calculation.

Our technology partners can also provide quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics processing with one of the world’s leading supercomputers.


Simple, cost-effective and secure cloud computing

The efficient cloud-based HPC services we offer together with our technology partners give businesses access to high-performance computing resources. The flexibility and elasticity of the cloud means you can have the help you need; simply, cost-effectively, and securely. Our technology partners' data centers are ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

CO2 compensated high-performance computing power

We create zero emissions from processing your data - all server heat is reused to warm local properties, and we also use renewable energy sources such as water, solar, and wind. We even report how much CO2 you saved by using our services!

Simple and cost-effective pricing modeL

Pricing is based on how much you use with minimal OPEX investment. Our pricing also can include licenses, if needed. No CAPEX investment is required, and our pricing model is made simple and transparent!

FINLAND is one of the safest locations in the world to create

The safe and geopolitically stable area of the Kainuu region is the perfect choice for your computing needs. Major natural disasters such as tornados, typhoons, and earthquakes are non-existent. Thus, your business is safe with us!

Book a free online Rendering or HPC demo from us!

We will also gladly tell you more about our Rendering and HPC services and the technical specifications.

    Benefits of working with us

    Personal and relevant service with us and our technology partners.

    No more faceless global corporations! Unique production partnership available.

    We can help you with much more than just ecological high performance computing power.