A paradise for nature lovers, it is covered mainly in boreal forest composed of birches, pines and spruces, and houses. 95 per cent of Kainuu’s land area is forest and it also has one of the nation’s largest lakes, the Oulujärvi.

Sotkamo, and its local entertainment region, Vuokatti, offer a wide range of leisure services, as it is one of Finland’s most popular holiday resorts. Just a few miles away are located ski slopes, Katinkulta holiday village, all-year snowboard tunnel and ski tube, 18-hole golf course, bowling alley, spa, and much more. In addition, next to the studio are cross-country skiing, cycling, and outdoor routes that are utilised to train even by Olympic athletes.

It’s not just about local customs like forest walks, foraging for berries or going ice swimming that leads to satisfaction in people’s lives, it’s also about a comfortable, standard of living, control over choices, the feeling of security, trust in one another and in the government, a more equal society and shared prosperity with a strong social safety net.

We provide our guests an access to our Extranet website with more details on all the lovely things you can do in our local area.

Ⓒ Vuokatin Matkailu
Ⓒ Vuokatin Matkailu