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The government production incentive is available for a 25 % cash rebate for production costs. Eligible costs include costs incurred from producing an audiovisual project, including pre-and post-production, in Finland.

Eligible costs include purchases of goods and services and rental equipment and facilities for production purposes from companies liable to pay tax in Finland. Also, salaries paid to employees who are liable to pay income tax in Finland are eligible.

Other costs (flat-rate) can be included in up to 20 % of the total sum of salaries and purchases in Finland. Additional eligible costs may include travel expenses to, from, and in Finland, the producer’s fee, and overheads.

Eligible costs incurred in Finland can be up to 80 % of the total production budget. Business Finland will approve costs from the date when the application was registered with Business Finland. All required documentation for the application has to be submitted to process the decision. 

Business Finland will pay the disbursement based on the actual costs. If there is no Finnish co-producer in production, foreign applicants must use a Finnish production coordinator company like Kajawood Studios. The funding is available for feature films, documentary films, serial fiction, and animation productions. Read more on Business Finland website.

Additional to cash rebate, Kajawood Studios can reduce your production cost by up to 25-50% compared to other studio operations due to its efficient way of operating. Our Studio will be one of the most technologically advanced studio complexes in the world, using the latest innovations in studio construction, technology, and the comprehensive operation of the studio village for your benefit.

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