Kajawood Studios Management and its team aspire to serve you with a five star experience!

You can contact our management team via email: 

Mr Miika J. Norvanto
CEO and Owner

Responsible for the operation, technological solutions, development, financing, sales, and profitability of the Kajawood Studios. 
• Over 20-years of experience in the film industry, global film producing, film distributing, and movie theatre business.
• Produced and distributed over 40 long feature films, such as “RENDEL,” which was sold to over 60 countries.
• Award-winning producer and distributor.

Mr Timo Puustinen
Managing Partner and Owner

Focuses on supervising  productions and daily operations.
• Over 20 years of production experience in the film industry.
• Two decades of business experience in the retail sector.
• One of the 35-year-old department store owners, “Jyskän Varastomyymälä.”

Dr Janne Ohtonen
CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Handles VFX and High-performance computing operations, IT, employee experience, Human Resources, customer experience, and special development assignments.
• Over 20 years of international business leadership experience with world-renown brands.
• Ph.D. in Business Process Management from Turku School of Economics