From Concept to Edit – Kajawood Studios helps producing one-of-a-kind music videos

The joint song between Finnish artists “Teflon Brothers” and “Poju”, a tribute to the late pop star Kari Tapio, “Myrskyn jälkeen” was shot in March over a couple of days in the wonderful seascapes of Loviisa and Kotka. The music video was produced by the professional team of Mainostoimisto Kataja, from the script to post-production. Local entrepreneurs and assistants were also involved in the production. The music video was dropped about a month later on Friday, April 14th.

Myrskyn jälkeen
In the front row, Joona Jalkanen, Jani Tuohimaa, Heikku Kuula, Pasi Heinonen, Mikko Kuoppala and Aukusti Jalkanen. In the back row, the production team and the third from the left, the owner of Café Saltbodan, Timothy Kühn.

Fri 14th of April 2023

“Teflon Brothers” had previously had in mind to collaborate with Pasi Heinonen, aka “Poju”, but it took Heikki Kuula’s bold tap on the play button for the them to get their inspiration for the song “Myrskyn jälkeen”.

Pasi Heinonen and Heikki Kuula had been in Jyväskylä for the HIFK and JYP hockey game, where they bumped into each other for the first time. Later, both of them had a gig in Jyväskylä and while traveling in the same taxi, they listened to Kari Tapio’s original 1995 song “Myrskyn jälkeen” on Spotify and decided that they should make a song together honoring the original artist.

– We wondered why no one had made a new song about this yet, Heikki Kuula recalls.

– We set out to build the foundation for the song, and got the top producer Jonas Olsson involved. We’re on this road and we can’t back down anymore, Poju laughs while sitting on the  filming set.

– This has been quite a cold experience. I would have enjoyed it more in the summer, says Heikki Kuula.

Mikko Kuoppala, better known as “Pyhimys”, says that although he usually wants to be involved in everything, this song was created by Heikki Kuula and Poju. Pyhimys has still enjoyed the experience and is happy about the role he got as the sea captain appearing in the music video.

– We’ll see how will the old sailors react, Pyhimys says.

– I believe that people will enjoy the song and video, Jani Tuohimaa aka “Voli” says.

Mikko Kuoppala does not have a clear memory of the first time he heard the original song of “Myrskyn jälkeen”.

– It feels like those songs that have always existed, he says.

He recalls that in his youth he listened mainly to hard rock and later to metal. Finnish music, especially pop music, was not his thing. According to him, that kind of music was detested by the youth of that time.

– Back then, I thought of Kari Tapio as just another Finnish pop singer. Maybe after his death I understood his meaning and uniqueness, he states.

– I got to know and fell in love with Kari Tapio’s music about 15 years ago, “Poju” recalls.

He is grateful that he has since been able to cooperate with Kari Tapio’s sons.

– I just told Kari’s son Joona that your father must have ordered such great weather for us to film.


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