Karl is a biopic about the life of no ordinary man… A man who once revolutionized the world of ‘Haute Couture’ and ‘Pret-a-Porter’ to better reinvent it as the fashion industry we know today… A man whose charisma and audacity influenced generations  of fashionistas worldwide… A man whose legacy is ‘the’ reference for generations to come.

Karl Lagerfeld was a workaholic, self-taught, visionary, ruthless, global, multidisciplinary, non-exclusive, full of energy, egocentric, culture addict, sarcastic, generous, hyper media, mysterious, collector, artist , fashion designer…  A true kaleidoscope of personalities in one man… A  genius… A ‘Kaiser’. 

Karl is a motion picture based on an Original Screenplay by Laurent Germain Maury & Jean-Marc Michelangeli, inspired by Marie Ottavi’s book Karl. According to the author:
-“Karl” is a biography which aims to disentangles the truth from the false in the life of Karl Lagerfeld.

During his lifetime, Karl had always declined  the idea of a collaboration to publish his memoirs, what made him open up to Marie will remain a mystery. One of many about Karl as the Kaiser left the earth with many unanswered questions.


Kajawood Studios will be the home of the ‘Karl’ project for all pre/post production as well as indoor sets. It will be one of the first international feature films to be made in the brand new Kajawood Studios’ state-of-the-art studio village.

Kajawood Studios comes as the creation between Miika J. Norvanto and Timo Puustinen. Together they have built a unique studio ecosystem in the Kainuu region, located an hour and a half by plane from Helsinki, set to welcome productions from all over the world. The studio is a combination of the latest technology including LED screens and the latest technological capabilities, designing facilities, concept-to-production-to-distribution ‘know-how’, top level security, efficient operations, four seasons mind-blowing landscapes and sharp financial expertise.

Kajawood Studios is a support bubble compound dedicated to the art of filmmaking where every level of production is optimised… A ‘one-stop-solution’ where staff and film crews, actors, facilities and studio lots are all in the same place.

Kajawood Studios ‘in house’ projects currently under development include an indie feature film co production, a sci-fi miniseries, an action/documentary miniseries… And of course ‘Karl’.

karl movie

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