A TV series about two worlds, high mountain summits and deep water, that usually never meet one another; two opposite worlds, the tops of the world and bottoms of the oceans, that one nature lover and freediver passionate man decides to bridge together by visiting the abysses of the mountains: high altitude lakes.

A group of people that nothing in life should have brought together except for their passion for extremes, whether it is a spectacular natural environment or a desire to reach the limits of endurance, a rediscovery of oneself, or practicing a sport in ’off-limits’ conditions.


PRESSURE SEEKERS® include Arnaud, Laurent, Loic, Marin, and Dorian, all French-born with business corporate, entertainment, military, and lathe milling professional backgrounds. Originally from or currently living in the southwest of France. Strong addiction to nature and extreme outdoor sports. It is about five men… Different as different could be… A ‘brotherhood’ made of random encounters but sharing similar human values.

Five men who felt the necessity to reconnect with their true selves and enjoy that moment in time with others.
Human motivations and expectations, which we will discover along the way… It is also about mental and physical challenges… Resilience and acceptance… Sharing one’s strengths and weaknesses. And also about understanding that circumstances do not define us, but the actions we take do.

The group will be joined by ‘VIP guests’ during each episode. Participants such as celebrities unfamiliar with extreme expeditions will have to demonstrate their ability to adapt physically and mentally.
Episodes are ’unscripted’. Dialogues are inspired by ‘live’ emotions, moments, and encounters along the path. This is a journey where all members can genuinely act and express themselves without limitation.

Miniseries will take place in ‘off the track’ locations and allow viewers to discover less known natural wonders. Each episode is set in a different country, and the annual series is split into geographical regions.

Season 1 is a thirty-day adventure starting in the French Pyrénéesand finishing in Spain, including stopovers in Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Croatia. Season 1 will begin filming in mid-September 2022.

Season 2 is a 6-8 weeks journey from Poland to Iceland, including stopovers in Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Another challenge is to film having zero impact on the environment by innovating technically and visually. According to a unique philosophy, the miniseries will be filmed: “take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints”. Season 2 will be filmed in mid-March 2023.

Kajawood Studios will be developing and producing, and post-producing the miniseries.

pressure seekers

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