VFX studio to open in March - top talent wanted

Kajawood Studios’ rendering services are among the most efficient and greenest in the world, without the need for co2 compensation. In March, Kajawood Studios will celebrate the opening of its new state-of-the-art VFX post-production facilities. These new VFX facilities provide a place for dozens of creative professionals, who are currently being recruited, to create visual content.

The aim of the growing film industry is to become increasingly carbon neutral. Kajawood Studios’ wide range of services is in high demand among international studio clients. Kajawood Studios’ production the KARL is the biggest film in Finnish film history shot in Finland. It is based on the biography of fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld. In line with the sustainability goals, KARL will use, among other things, the Albert carbon footprint tracking.

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) granted 220 500 euros (€) to Kajawood Oy for the project ” Building Kajawood Post-production and VFX facilities “. The project was the second largest grant awarded in the call for applications. 

ELY Centres support the establishment, growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing advisory, training and expert services and by granting funding for investment and development projects. Funding support is discretionary and depends on the nature of the project. Regional and structural policy is based on support granted from EU funds, which is always combined with national funding. ELY, EU and Finnish Government do not hold any ownership in the grant receiving company. VFX (Visual Effects) is the creation of special effects, digital sets, characters and environments for films and animation.

The opening of the new post-production unit will take place in the heart of Sotkamo in March 2023.

The state-of-the-art, well-equipped and new modern facilities have been designed with VFX production services in mind. In these facilities we will start creating effects for Hollywood productions immediately, and for this we are recruiting top professionals in the field,” says Timo Puustinen

Kajawood Studios will participate in the Finnish virtual recruitment fair “Töihin Kainuuseen”, which will take place on Thursday 16.2.2023. At the event, you can get to know Kajawood Studios as an employer and the career opportunities it offers. International applications are welcome here.

At the recruitment fair, studio founders Miika J. Norvanto and Timo Puustinen will share their visions of future jobs and life in Kainuu. The virtual event platform and its materials will also be available for viewing for a month after the event.

Kajawood Studios offers unique workplaces in a vibrant Kainuu environment, where you can participate in the creation of films and TV series. At the heart of the energy-efficient and eco-friendly studio are talented and multidisciplinary creatives. Kajawood Studios is now looking for experienced VFX artists, editors, sound designers, cinematographers and administrative accountant, among others.

Contact details: 
CEO Miika J. Norvanto, Kajawood Oy 

COO Timo Puustinen, Kajawood Oy

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